Russian Foreign Policy Concept: Aligned with Current Regional and Global Developments According to Syrian Parliamentarian

Member of the Syrian People’s Assembly Khaled al-Aboud believes that “the new concept of Russian foreign policy is a roadmap parallel to the major shifts taking place at the regional and international levels.”

Al-Aboud told Sputnik: “When the maps of the main countries and the influence of forces change as a result of the conflict and the major clashes that are taking place, the positions and roles of these opposing forces must be changed.”

And he believed that “a global conflict, that is, the Third World War, took place over the past few years, but (the war) did not imitate the previous world wars in its details, and this is natural as a result of the improvement of the tools of defeat, control, access to the enemy and influence as a result of the tremendous development that took place at the same level of knowledge.

He added: “After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the emergence of America’s star as the leader of the new world order, and after almost 30 years, the United States is retreating and there are real countries capable of leading the world, and this content was included in the Russian statement, which is a road map to rule the universe.”

He added that the Russians are absolutely right in anticipating the positioning of the developing world: “And what Russia has presented are the names of the vision, which will be followed by many perspectives. This is a new role for a rising Russia and for those who stand on it.”

The parliamentarian added that the content of the Russian statement “is not the content of domination. There is a clear bias in terms of global partnership, as opposed to what America put forward in what it called the new world order after the collapse of the Soviet Union.” and his dominion over the world.

He explained: “There is a clear shift towards Russia’s global partnership with most countries in the world. Russia does not want to control the world, but rather says that a new era has arrived, which is not led by the Russians and which does not define its foundations. The Russians are telling the Americans that you must now be within the limits of your presence and your natural influence.”

And he added: “This is a very important and turning point in history, and after this statement, everything is no longer the same as before.”

He added: “Russia is not trapping itself and does not want to raise the temperature of some of the dockings. Russia is trying to say that at this historical moment it has a new map of influence, and whoever gets on this car is safe from those who intend to attack this new map.

Al-Abud noted that “the Russian-Chinese summit that took place a few days ago is very important, and very important words were uttered by the Chinese leadership, followed by these Russian words. The Russians want to say that it is forbidden for America and those who stand behind it to represent the aggression of pressure on any of the joints of the Russian boarding car.

Commenting on the point put forward by Russia in the new concept regarding the use of its armed forces to repel and prevent attacks on itself and its allies, and to what extent Syria benefits from this point, Al-Abboud said: “Russia wants to say that whoever wants to be unique in the Syrian junction, and is trying through it to put pressure not only on Syria, but also on the region, which also includes Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, he should beware.

He added: “The Russian role today is the result of America’s retreat, this growing influence and the mechanism that is being formed and expanded. The Russian presence will be at any connection point in any region of the world. It won’t be the same. as it was in the past, when the Russian or Chinese expression of any political event in the world was somewhat timid. What is not in the form in which it is present now.

He said: “Today we are facing a very important historical moment, on the basis of which the Universe will be formed for decades to come.”

He added: “Russia is sending a message of peace and love, and she is sincere in this and wants to say that we are partners in this region and that she does not want to control anyone. peace and stability”.

And he expressed confidence that “America will work in the coming days and months to start fires, so Russia preempted this move and said it would be a peace umbrella for the whole world.”

On March 31, 2023, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a new wording of the concept of Russia’s foreign policy. He stated this at a meeting with the permanent members of the Russian Security Council, emphasizing that the fundamental changes that have taken place in international life have required the country’s leadership to make serious amendments to the content of the central strategic planning documents, including the concept of the foreign policy of the Russian Federation.

Source: Sputnik

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