Russian Finance Minister: The West is raping the leaders of the market economy

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that Western countries that impose sanctions against Russia and freeze its assets violate the rules of a market economy.

Siluanov said in a television interview on Friday: “If we talk about market economies and non-market economies, then these countries need to look at the decisions that they make, such as restrictions on Russia, its accounts, freezing the reserves and assets of our companies, freezing trade. Are these market methods of operation within the WTO? The world to which we all belong? Of course not”.

The Russian minister added that discussing a commodity price ceiling on world markets could be a “glorification” of market rules and principles of relations.

He pointed out: “After all, the economy cannot be fooled, and economic laws cannot be fooled. If restrictions are introduced somewhere, there will be a reaction to the prices of these goods. Russian economy, let them first look at themselves and at the initiatives they are seeking.

After Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine, Western countries imposed sanctions against Moscow, and also froze the assets of Russian businessmen and part of Russia’s gold and foreign exchange reserves.

For its part, the Russian government reaffirmed its support for national companies affected by the sanctions and announced the adoption of a set of measures to maintain financial and economic stability in the country.

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