Canada. Trudeau will appear before a commission investigating the application of the emergency law during the truck driver crisis.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will testify Friday at a public inquiry to defend his use of the rarely enforced evacuation law for truck drivers that have shut down the Canadian capital.

And the occupation of truck drivers in downtown Ottawa last winter to protest health restrictions had serious negative consequences for a country not accustomed to such social movements.

Other rallies have taken place across Canada, shutting down trade corridors, including the busiest international border crossing in North America. Their evacuation in February under the Emergency Measures Act sparked a major debate about public liberties.

The independent commission sat for six weeks in Ottawa, listening to government representatives, protesters and a number of city residents affected by the incessant horn and smoke from truck engines.

“It was a powder keg ready to explode. It was not a family gathering,” said former Ottawa police chief Peter Sloley, who was forced to resign during the crisis due to the disorganized response of his officers.

During the course of hearing evidence, the Commission learned that a flaw in the intelligence services and a leak of information currently being investigated destabilized the police force.

In his testimony, Saluli explained: “It was very cold and harsh … but they did everything possible,” and the organizers of the Freedom Caravan see the picture differently.

He continued, protest organizers made it clear that the demonstration in Ottawa was a legitimate protest against the government’s “evil” policies, and they spoke of a celebratory atmosphere with hot tubs and barbeques in front of Parliament.

“We were not there to disturb the citizens, we were there to make our voice heard,” said Bridget Belton, the truck driver.

However, evidence presented to the commission showed that some of the organizers reportedly wanted to censor extremist members who called for a coup or spread conspiracy theories.

Source: AFP.

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