Russian Defense Ministry Blames Ukrainian Labs for Mass Poultry Deaths in Kherson

Igor Kirillov, Commander of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces of Russia, suggested that the mass death of poultry in 2021 in the Kherson Regional Reserve is related to the experiments of American laboratories in Ukraine.

Kirillov said: “Pay attention to the documented fact of the mass death of birds in the reserve in 2021, which was of an infectious nature. We do not exclude that this death occurred as a result of continuous experiments and violation of biological safety standards.

He pointed out that the participants in these tests, who fled the Kherson province after its liberation by the Russian army, offered the rest of the reserve staff to destroy the results of their research, especially documents confirming the mass death of birds, in exchange for a financial reward.

He stressed that during the inspection of the biological laboratory in the reserve, gross violations of biological safety requirements were revealed, since the studies were carried out in unequipped places, and in some cases highly infectious organic materials were stored in the homes of employees.

He pointed out that according to the archival documents of the laboratory of the reserve, it was established that until 2022, its employees were engaged in the selection and export of biological materials obtained from birds outside the reserve.

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