Russian Aviation Wipes Out Ukrainian Reconnaissance and Sabotage Groups in Kharkiv Region

The officer of the press center of the group of troops “West” Yaroslav Yakimkin said that Russian combat aircraft destroyed two Ukrainian reconnaissance and sabotage groups in the direction of Kobyansky, Kharkiv region.

He added: “In the direction of Kobyansky, Russian warplanes bombed the fortified strongholds of Ukrainian troops in two settlements.” Ogurtsovo and Krugloye. Two enemy reconnaissance and sabotage groups were discovered and destroyed in the area of ​​​​the residential areas of Molchanovo and Krakhmalnoe.

Russian warplanes were also able to thwart two attempts to replace enemy elements on the same sector of the front, he said.

And the Russian officer continued to say: “In the residential center of Petropavlovka, Russian artillery managed to destroy the enemy artillery battery of the Akatsiya model.

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