Macron and Tebbun to Schedule New Date for Algeria President’s Visit to France

The Le Monde newspaper reported that French President Emmanuel Macron and Algerian Abdelmadjid Tebboune will hold a telephone conversation after the latter’s visit to Paris, scheduled for May 2 and 3, was postponed.

And a French newspaper pointed out that the postponement of Tebbun’s trip to France to a later date confirms “to what extent relations between Paris and Algiers lack mobility, which is still hampered by a fair dose of mutual misunderstanding, and yet both countries did not give a question about postponing the long-awaited visit to another time.

Tebbun’s upcoming visit to France will be the first of its kind for an Algerian president in 23 years.

A French newspaper reported that Macron and Tebbun are expected to have a telephone conversation today to set a new date for the visit, while citing French sources as saying the date for the visit will be “end of May” or “end of May”. beginning of June” at least “until summer, if possible”.

The newspaper pointed to a controversy between the French and Algerian sides over the reason for the delay, as the Algerian press says it has to do with the social climate in France and the protests, as well as the need for more time to prepare the files. for negotiations.

On the other hand, Le Monde pointed out that “the French say that the delay is the desire of Algeria, fearing possible demonstrations against the regime by the Algerian parties in France.”

In turn, the Al-Shoruk newspaper, citing Algerian sources, said that the reason for the delay is the situation in which France has been living for several weeks due to protests, which also caused the postponement of the visit of the British King Charles III to France. Tebbun’s visit, pointing out that the date scheduled for May 2 marks Labor Day, during which workers’ protests against the pension law are expected to intensify.

Last March, the Élysée Palace announced the end of the recent diplomatic crisis between the two countries, and both presidents pushed for further strengthening of bilateral cooperation.

Tebboune summoned his country’s ambassador to France for “consultations” last February after what he called the “secret evacuation” of activist and journalist Amira Buraoui from Tunisia to France, but the crisis was resolved in March and Tebboune announced the return of the Algerian ambassador to Paris , and he was expected to visit France. Earlier, the French media confirmed the postponement of the visit.

Source: Le Monde + Al Shorouk

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