Russia: The corridors we opened for the export of Ukrainian grain are not being used

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin said that the humanitarian corridors opened by Russia for the export of Ukrainian grain are not being used.

Vershinin told the UN General Assembly meeting on the food crisis on Monday that this crisis is caused by “inflation caused by the accumulation of unsecured debts of global players and the uncontrolled emission of money, high energy prices due to the energy transition imposed on the world, as well as the politicization of energy cooperation and unfair competition, resulting in fuel and fertilizer price spikes, supply chain disruption, speculation and market chaos, and high food prices.

He pointed out that “wheat prices have declined significantly over the recent period, and the Food and Agriculture Organization’s food price indices continue to decline for the third month in a row.”

He added that “the lack of supplies from Ukraine was compensated at the expense of other suppliers, but the humanitarian corridors opened by Russia from Ukrainian ports were not used, although negotiations on this matter are ongoing.”

He pointed out that “difficulties in ensuring food security have become part of the macroeconomic crisis that has developed over the years”, adding that “there are many factors that led to this crisis, including the Covid-19 epidemic, the problems of the post-epidemic recovery period and unilateral sanctions.” . Illegal planning, planning errors, economic recession in several countries, high inflation, commodity prices, disasters, exceptional weather and old months from Western delegations that Russia is the one who caused all these problems.

Source: TASS

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