The turmoil is far from resolved.. company "Boeing" America faces shortage of motors, semiconductors and other components

Media sources said aircraft maker Boeing was the first victim of shortages in semiconductors, engines and more, leading to production cuts.

Boeing is grappling with shortages of engines, semiconductors and other aircraft-related parts as problems seem to get worse with each passing month and failures are far from being resolved, according to testimonies from executives at the American aircraft manufacturer. .

“We are in mid-flight as Boeing grapples with logistical crises and a shortage of skilled mechanics due to Covid-19,” Stan Dale, head of the company’s commercial aircraft division, told reporters gathered in London ahead of Farnborough. International air show.

According to the agency “Bloomberg” The American Boeing is partnering with CFM International Inc, which has begun to suffer from engine production pressure, a joint venture between General Electric and Safran S.A., France, which has led to delays in the production of turboprop engines for ” 737 Max,” “We’re not going to make gliders,” Dale said.

As for European rival Airbus, which had about 20 A320neo aircraft parked at factories around the world at the end of May, the company plans to increase narrow-body aircraft production to a record 65 aircraft per month by the middle of next year.

On the other hand, Boeing is more cautious about the 737 Max, which is subject to strict scrutiny by US regulators due to frequent crashes, as the company maintains steady production at around 31 per month. , and Dell said that “Boeing underestimated the losses suffered by its staff and suppliers as a result of layoffs during the pandemic.”

Source: “Bloomberg”

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