Russia Re-Enters the Top Ten Global Economies for the First Time in Six Years.

Data from the World Bank and the National Statistical Service showed that Russia returned to the list of ten largest economies in the world for the first time since 2014.

At the end of 2022, Russia produced goods and services worth 2.3 trillion dollars, which allowed it to take the eighth position in this list.

Notably, Russia last entered the top ten in 2014, and at that time was in ninth place with a gross domestic product of $2.05 trillion. In 2021, Russia ranked 11th.

The United States remained the world’s largest economy last year, with a nominal GDP of $25.46 trillion, according to the data. China came in second place (17.94 trillion), and Japan traditionally closed the top three (4.17 trillion). Germany remained in fourth place (4.07 trillion), India ranked fifth (3.4 trillion), the UK remained sixth (3.07 trillion) and France remained seventh (2.78 trillion). Canada came in ninth place ($2.14 trillion), while Italy ($2.01 trillion) dropped from eighth to tenth place.

South Korea fell out of the top 10, finishing in 13th place.

Country rankings by GDP were calculated on the basis of the most recent annual or quarterly data provided by national statistical offices, in national currencies, and, if necessary, converted to dollars at the average exchange rate for the corresponding period.

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