Ronaldo enters into his body"Botox" To keep your eternal youth

Reports have shown that Cristiano Ronaldo, the Manchester United player, eats a healthy diet that makes him stronger, in addition to constantly exercising to keep himself fit.

And the Spanish newspaper La Razon confirmed that Ronaldo uses Botox injections to maintain his eternal youth.

The newspaper pointed out that Ronaldo is a fan of facial plastic surgery to keep his youthful appearance, as his face has undergone multiple Botox surgeries in previous years.

Ronaldo still has an enviable physique, despite being in his mid-thirties, which is what got him noticed.

According to La Razon newspaper, Ronaldo also injected Botox into sensitive areas of the body, and the effect of this procedure can last for two years.

For its part, Spanish newspaper Marca reported that the former Real Madrid star appears to have adopted a new daily routine in order to maintain his eternal youth.

The newspaper pointed out that much of the credit for Ronaldo’s physique can be attributed to his nutrition, but his training regimen and new developments in medicine also allow him to maintain healthy and youthful muscles.

And “Marca” indicated that Ronaldo injects “Botox” into sensitive parts of his body, which is used to restore the youthfulness of the muscles of the body, as well as the skin.

The newspaper reported: “It is no secret that Ronaldo is a fan of plastic surgery. Botox is undoubtedly the Portuguese captain’s biggest ally, although his face has already undergone several plastic surgeries, it is not the only part of his body that has undergone plastic surgery. got a botox injection.

Doubts hover over Ronaldo’s future at Manchester United as rumors circulate that he is about to leave the English club, but Dutchman Eric Ten Hag, the new Red Devils manager, has confirmed that the Manchester United striker is not up for sale. and confirmed that he is in the club’s plans for this season, stressing that he had a “really good conversation” with the Portuguese striker ahead of his overseas Asian tour.

It was reported that the 37-year-old had informed the club of his desire to leave Old Trafford to play in the Champions League.

Ronaldo did not join Manchester United on an overseas tour that began in Thailand, citing family circumstances.

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