Republican MP Advocates for a Ban on Weapon Supplies to Ukraine

Republican Representative Paul Gosar presented a memorandum to the chairman of the appropriations committee in the US House of Representatives on US support for Ukraine.

“The United States has spent $113 billion to help Ukraine. 55 percent of that money is distributed to the Department of Defense,” Gosar said. “The United States is dragging Ukraine into an epic disaster.”

Pointing to the consequences of continued Western support for the crisis, the MP said: “The conflict has resulted in hundreds of thousands of military and civilian casualties. Every day without peace is another day that compromises fragile security.”

The spokesman drew attention to the weakness of U.S. military readiness and stock shortages, adding: “After the world enjoyed decades free from the devastation caused by nuclear weapons, now our military readiness is suffering from endless aid. It will take five years to restock missiles at the current pace.” Javelins and Stinger missiles from thirteen years ago.

Gosar explained that the United States is suffering from deficient infrastructure, including railroads, epitomized by the recent East Palestine, Ohio disaster, emphasizing that “crime and homelessness are rampant in American cities, and the fentanyl drug crisis is the root cause.” American deaths between the ages of 18 and 45, claiming more American lives in 2021 alone than the Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

A Republican spokesman noted, “The Social Security Trust Fund has not kept pace with the nation’s seniors, and illegal immigrants consume billions of dollars of resources every year, and Congress should prioritize funding to help our citizens, not a corrupt foreign government.”

Husar stressed: “Ukraine has always been considered the most corrupt country or the second in Europe. Moreover, Ukraine uses members of the Nazi militias as official troops in its army. American tax dollars should not be used to support Nazi forces or a corrupt country. in a war that does not serve his interests.” One American.

Referring to the ban on Orthodox churches, a Republican spokesman said: “The current Ukrainian regime has banned Christian churches, banned opposition parties, banned freedom of the media, this country is not worth a single American cent.”

“Accordingly, I request that the following proposal be included in the FY 2024 budget,” Gosar concluded, “none of the funds provided for by this law may provide weapons or weapons systems for use in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.”

Source: RT

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