readers "De Welt" German calls on Schultz to step down after his comments on Russian gas

Readers of the German newspaper Die Welt called on German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to resign over his comments about Russia’s use of gas as a weapon.

Many observers noted the duplicity of the speech of the politician, who imposed a package of sanctions against Moscow, and then declared his surprise at receiving repressive measures in response.

“A chancellor who confuses cause and effect, like British Prime Minister Johnson, should be asked to resign,” one commentator said, adding that “Schultz is really trying to confuse the public.”

Another reader added in his comment: “Are you pouring out sanctions and wonder when Russia starts retaliating?”

At the same time, one of the observers expressed his indignation, saying that “economic sanctions against Russia affect, but not on us, but on the population. This is a complete failure of the government.”

Another added in a comment: “We have a government that is unable to foresee the consequences of its actions.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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