Putin: Western sanctions have further complicated the food situation in the world

Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that Western sanctions against Russia have further complicated the food situation in the world.

“Sanctions against Russia have aggravated everything. Namely those related to energy. Mistakes were made in the energy sector – gas prices have risen, gas is the basis of many fertilizers. Fertilizer prices have risen. This leads to the following: Businesses began to close, including in Europe, and harvest expectations immediately fell, and food prices jumped again.

“Then they began to impose these illegal sanctions. They are illegal because they are not supported by the UN Security Council. Everything that is not supported by a UN Security Council resolution is illegal and illegal from the point of view of international law,” Putin continued.

Putin also noted that the blame for the looming food crisis is placed on Russia, despite the fact that the West has exacerbated the problems of developing countries in order to solve their own problems.

The President noted that the West began to abuse the monopoly on reserve currencies and printing money, stressing that “all this led to the fact that they began to collect food from the world market.”

He continued: “If in previous years the same countries were, for example, food exporters, they became importers. And they bought food on the world market for $ 17 billion more than they sold. problems of developing countries, poor countries, and thus solve the country. The rich have their own problems. This is the result of the monopoly of the reserve currencies, the dollar and the euro.”

He added that the situation was aggravated after that by Western sanctions against Russia.

Source: RIA Novosti

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