Putin to brands leaving Russia: we wish you all the best

Russian President Vladimir Putin said today at a government meeting that foreign brands that left Russia suffered heavy losses, and wished these companies success.

“Today, many foreign companies are leaving our market under pressure from their governments. We wish you success. But because of the loss of our market, these companies have suffered huge losses. This is their choice and decision,” Putin said at the meeting. of the Supervisory Board of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives on Thursday.

The Russian President expressed confidence that Western companies regret leaving the Russian market, and said: “Many of them (the withdrawn companies) are reluctant to do so. Who wants to lose a business in which a lot of effort and money has been invested? not only about money. Many put their “soul” into their projects.”

He noted that Russian businesses managed to cope with the situation after the departure of international brands, and said: “Many people thought that after the departure of international brands from Russia, everything would collapse, but nothing like that happened. the business sector is taking the place of the withdrawn.”

And the President of Russia set before the government and the supervisory board the task of promoting Russian goods to foreign markets so that they become the subject of national pride and the envy of competitors.

“It is necessary to create conditions for Russian goods to become a matter of national pride,” he said. “Russian goods must be successful abroad, and not only focus on the domestic market.”

After the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, the West increased sanctions pressure on Moscow, as some Western countries announced the freezing of Russian assets and many brands of the Russian market.

For his part, President Putin called the policy of containing and weakening Russia a long-term strategy for the West, noting that sanctions have dealt a severe blow to the entire global economy.

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