Russian Foreign Ministry: We are ready to work with the European Union in case of its independence

Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Alexander Grushko said that Russia is ready to cooperate with the European Union if Brussels thinks about its fate and its independent role in a multipolar world.

Groshko said: “If the European Union thinks about its fate and its independent role in a multipolar world, we will be ready to cooperate with it in the areas it needs and meet the interests of our country.”

He noted that, despite all the unfriendly statements and positions of European officials, diplomatic relations with EU member states are maintained.

He stressed that relatively regular contacts are maintained with them, especially in the areas of industry, health, climate, science, education, veterinary medicine, in addition to some aspects of trade and energy cooperation.

He stressed that “one of the sensitive points in the dialogue is transportation to and from the Russian Kaliningrad region” through the European Union.

He noted that Russia continues to maintain mutually beneficial economic relations with some EU member states and that European businessmen are interested in partnership with Russia.

He stressed that the anti-Russian views expressed by the leadership of European institutions do not reflect the positions of all EU states, its socio-political organizations and citizens of its countries.

Source: TASS

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