Putin talks about the danger he faces "Nord Stream-1" After returning equipment from Canada

Russian President Vladimir Putin questioned the quality of the repair of the turbines of the Russian Nord Stream gas pipeline, which Canada should return after maintenance work.

The President of Russia expressed his opinion during a speech he gave today, Wednesday, at the Strong Ideas for a New Era forum, and said: “They say that they (Canada) will return this equipment, anyway one (one turbine). and in what case will it be returned? In what technical situation will they return? After scheduled maintenance? Maybe someday they will turn off the turbine, which will stop (Nord Stream-1).”

On the reasons that prompted Canada at some point to refrain from returning the “turbine” to Russia, the President of Russia said that Canada is a producer of gas and oil, referring to Canada’s measures of unfair competition, as it plans to enter the European market. .

President Putin said: “We pump 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year through (Nord Stream 1). Why did we do it? Because the gas pumping machines are from Siemens (turbines), and one machine needed scheduled maintenance, but Canada objected to its return due to sanctions against Gazprom, although (technical work) was carried out at the Siemens plant (in Canada), why Canada is did: because it produces oil and gas itself and plans to enter the European market.

Between June 14 and July 11, Russia’s Gazprom was forced to cut natural gas supplies via Nord Stream 1 by around 60% due to gas turbine maintenance issues as Canada resorted to Western sanctions and halted the turbine return process. but then I decided to release about the turbine.

Gas transportation through Nord Stream (the gas pipeline between Russia and Germany, laid along the bottom of the Baltic Sea) was stopped from July 11 to 21 due to scheduled repairs, and now the gas pipeline is waiting for its turn. turbines are running.

Source: TASS

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