Pentagon: Delivery of HIMARS missiles to Ukraine will not affect our combat capabilities

The Pentagon has said that US combat capability will not be reduced over the next three months with the delivery of HIMARS missile launchers to Ukraine, indicating that it is closely monitoring the direction of these missiles.

In response to a question about Washington’s ability to provide Ukraine with HIMARS systems without causing a decline in American capabilities, Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said: “It’s not about the system from which the missiles come from, but about the ammunition and the rate of their depletion … and the number of missiles “that will be launched from HIMARS”.

He added: “We are monitoring this closely on a daily basis. We recommend to the Secretary of Defense when we consider that the level we have reached poses a threat to our forces in terms of their combat capabilities, our means and equipment.”

He said, “We think we’re doing well at the moment… As far as our expectations for the next month, two months or three months, we think everything we have will be good.”

He pointed out that the Pentagon believes that Ukrainian forces are effectively using HIMARS rocket launchers and denies their destruction by Russian troops.

Significantly, the Pentagon said that Washington and its allies will provide Ukraine with a total of more than 20 HIMARS missile launchers, with 12 of those launchers transferred to Ukrainian forces.

Source: TASS

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