Protests in front of the Supreme Court in Washington against the decision on abortion

Thousands of people demonstrated in front of the Supreme Court in downtown Washington, D.C. to protest the court’s decision to revoke federal guarantees for the right to abortion.

Protesters gathered in front of the building after the controversial decision was made on Friday. Security around the courthouse has been tightened and some streets leading to it have been closed off.

The majority of the protesters are women, calling for the right to abortion and the adoption of a federal law on this issue, as well as reform of the judiciary.

On Friday, the Supreme Court overturned a nearly 50-year-old ruling that guaranteed the right to abortion at the federal level, which means that abortion is illegal in some US states.

Government agencies will have to make decisions about their own abortion laws. The controversy is occurring in many states where conservative Republicans are calling for a ban on abortion and Democrats are strongly opposed.

According to the American media, with the repeal of this decision, the ban on abortion came into force in 6 states.

Source: TASS

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