Progress of the Russian military operation in Ukraine /21.06.2022/

The Russian army continues to strike at the positions of Ukrainian troops and military infrastructure, freeing the lands of Donbass.

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  • Luhansk: Ukrainian troops bombed the cities of Stakhanov and Zemogorie
  • Newspaper: Second US mercenary killed in Ukraine
  • Peskov: We cannot guarantee that American mercenaries captured in Ukraine will not be sentenced to death
  • US expert: Western weapons in Ukraine will be destroyed or seized by the Russian army
  • Kyiv forces concentrated from 5 to 7 thousand militants in the city of Lischansk
  • Russian parliamentarian: Ukraine fired on drilling rigs in the Black Sea with foreign missiles
  • Lugansk.. By the will of fate, civilians managed to escape from the Azot plant
  • Zelensky: There is no progress yet in lifting the blockade from Ukrainian ports
  • Peskov: Geneva Convention does not apply to American mercenaries
  • The President of the Republic of Crimea confirmed the death of 7 people after the people of Kiev bombed a gas platform in the Black Sea
  • Kadyrov announces the liberation of a new city in Lugansk
  • Zelensky’s party says he was ‘shot at’ during a secret visit to Lugansk
  • A number of fighters of the Russian Guard were awarded for valor in Ukraine

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The consequences of the military operation and its consequences

  • Kherson region: We plan to hold a referendum on joining Russia in autumn
  • Russian delegate: It is too early to talk about the seventh package of euro sanctions
  • Kremlin: The crisis in Ukraine is long-term and we will no longer trust the West
  • Suspension of the pumping of Russian gas through the Turkish Stream
  • Bloomberg: EU leaders intend to grant Ukraine candidate membership status
  • The Swiss side calls for mediation between Moscow and Kyiv to end the conflict in Ukraine
  • Zakharova: UN data refute accusations against Russia of high grain prices
  • The New York Times: Washington’s intervention in the Ukrainian crisis has gone too far
  • Biden accused Russia of creating a new crisis
  • Economist explains to RT the reasons for the growth of the Russian ruble against the dollar despite the sanctions
  • Moscow: Biden’s statement on Ukraine’s accession to the EU is not serious
  • Borrell: Vilnius restricting the transit of goods to Kaliningrad is the implementation of EU sanctions
  • Biden breaks his promise to take responsibility and returns to blame Putin
  • Amsterdam: Dutch and European gas tanks cannot be filled before winter
  • Turkey: NATO summit in Madrid is not the final date for a decision on the membership of Sweden and Finland
  • Biden: I do not plan to visit Ukraine during a trip to Europe
  • Borrell: African leaders and NATO expressed concern about sanctions against Russia
  • Expert: The French are beginning to understand that Macron is pretending to be busy with the Ukrainian crisis

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