Prime Minister Trudeau Confirms No Chinese Interference in Canadian Elections

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged that the Canadian authorities have no direct evidence that Chinese diplomats or agents interfered in the Canadian elections.

“Whenever evidence is presented to us, we take steps if credible evidence of wrongdoing is presented by foreign agents or officials,” Trudeau told reporters on Monday.

He added: “Lack of evidence means we are not taking any action,” noting that Canada is a “rule of law country” and therefore the authorities will not take action in the absence of concrete evidence.

This comes amid media reports of China’s “possible interference” in Canada’s 2019 and 2021 elections.

Reports citing security and intelligence sources have indicated that China has devised a strategy to interfere in Canada’s 2021 federal election to support the Liberal Party so it can form a “minority government.”

Source: TASS

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