North Korea Accuses US of Intentionally Raising Tensions

North Korea has accused Washington of “deliberately” fomenting tensions in the region through joint military exercises with South Korea, and their provocations have led to an unpredictable situation.

“Despite our repeated warnings, the United States continues to deliberately complicate the situation,” the North Korean central news agency quoted the Foreign Ministry as saying.

Pyongyang considered the maneuvers “clear evidence that the United States is advancing its plans to use nuclear weapons against the DPRK to the level of a real war.”

And the DPRK Foreign Ministry expressed regret over the “bringing the situation on the Korean Peninsula to an unpredictable situation” by the United States and South Korea.

North Korea demanded an immediate end to “hostile hostilities and the destabilization of peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.”

She added, “If serious military provocations by the US and South Korea continue…there will be no guarantee that a violent conflict will not erupt on the Korean Peninsula, as large military forces from both sides will be in sharp confrontation.”

Last Friday, the US and South Korea announced they would hold a large-scale joint exercise between March 13 and 23.

Source: AFP.

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