President’s statements exposed through victory of Kebab and Ronaldo trick

Al-Nasr press consultant Walid Al-Muhaidib has revealed the truth about claims attributed to club president Musli Al-Muammar in Spanish media that he was cheated in a deal with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Al-Muhadib said in a telephone conversation with the Spanish News Agency on Thursday: “The statements made in the Spanish press from a source on Arabia News 50 are false and incorrect in both form and content.”

He pointed out that the president of the club has not been interviewed by the press lately and warned that there is no website in Saudi Arabia called “Arabia News 50”, which is the source the media cited when reporting the news.

According to several Spanish and Latin newspapers, the president of the club said: “I have only been deceived twice in my life. The first time I asked for 3 kebabs and they only gave me two, and the second time I signed a contract with Cristiano Ronaldo.”

Al-Nasr’s spokesman said of the matter: “The newspaper seems to have taken the statement out of a joke and believed it to be true.”

Waleed Al Muhaidib confirmed that star Cristiano Ronaldo (38) has a two and a half year contract and that he feels happy at Al Nasr Club and the club is proud and happy to accept him.

Source: media

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