Postponement of Tebbon’s Visit to France Due to Protests Against Pension Law Amidst King of Britain’s Departure

Local sources confirmed the news that Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboun has postponed his planned visit to France early next month due to protests against changes to France’s pension system.

Before confirming this information, the French newspaper Le Figaro reported on the postponement of President Tebbun’s visit, as sources confirmed to Al-Shoruk News that this delay was due to an “agreement between the two parties”, indicating that the reasons for this postponement are the same as and the postponement of the visit of King Charles III of Britain to France a few days ago, but without further explanation.

France has been witnessing for several weeks continuous protests by large groups of demonstrators against the French president’s approval of a law to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 years, a law that was met with strong opposition from French trade unions, those protests, and their momentum was strengthened by the support of these protests leftist parties.

Last Friday, large-scale protests and clashes with police took place in several French cities after the Constitutional Council approved a pension reform law, and French trade unions demanded that it not be published.

A French trade union statement confirms that “in the face of great opposition to this reform, the trade union coordination formally asks the president not to pass the law, which is the only way to calm the anger that is spreading in the country.”

The left party’s request for a referendum on pension reform was also rejected, and marches and riots broke out against this reform in the country.

Source: Al-Shoruk Internet

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