Possible rewrites:– G7 and EU mull ban on Russia’s gas exports restart – Russia’s gas comeback faces potential ban from G7 and EU – G7 and EU explore option of blocking Russian gas resumption – Russian gas supplies under threat of G7-EU embargo – G7 and EU weigh sanctions to prevent Russian gas comeback

The Financial Times reported that the G7 countries and the European Union intend, as part of the 11th package of sanctions against Russia, to ban the import of Russian gas through lines through which Moscow had previously reduced supplies.

According to the publication, the decision, which will be taken by the leaders of the G7 at the summit in Hiroshima, should prevent the resumption of gas exports via pipelines from Russia to countries such as Poland and Germany.

The newspaper reported that the sanctions could also affect the northern part of Russia’s Druzhba gas pipeline, which supplies energy to Polish and German oil refineries.

According to the draft statement, the G7 and the EU intend to continue to limit the use of Russian energy resources, “including by preventing the re-opening of previously closed routes”, at least until the crisis in Ukraine is resolved.

One of the officials told the newspaper that the sanctions are necessary “so that the partners do not change their minds in the future.”

While a draft G7 statement seen by the Financial Times states: “A group of leading economies will continue to reduce their use of Russian energy resources, including by preventing the reopening of roads that were previously decided to end the conflict. “.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported that the European Union proposed to formalize the suspension of Russian oil supplies via the Druzhba pipeline to Germany and Poland. At the same time, exceptions, which include the supply of oil via the southern section of the pipeline to Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, will remain in force.

On May 5, the long-awaited eleventh package of sanctions against Russia was submitted to the EU countries for approval.

Source: TASS

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