"Politico": West left a big loophole in sanctions against Russia

The Politico newspaper reported that the European Commission did not include a ban on the import of finished gold jewelry in the draft measures to improve the effectiveness of existing anti-Russian sanctions.

In its article, the newspaper pointed out that such a decision leaves noticeable gaps in seemingly strict restrictions.

The article added: “A draft annex to the document obtained by Politico states that the EU will only ban gold in its powdered, raw or semi-polished form, as well as gold coins and gold waste or scrap. do not refer to gold in the form of jewelry such as chains, gold rings or gold rings. This may leave loopholes that will facilitate the flow of money into the Kremlin treasury.”

The article notes that about 90% of Russian gold exports in 2019 came from the UK, which has already left the European Union.

Source: RIA Novosti

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