Paris: About 190 migrants rescued while trying to cross the English Channel between France and England

French officials said about 190 migrants who tried to cross the English Channel between northern France and southern England were rescued in a series of relief operations on Saturday.

Coastal authorities (Primar) said in a statement that a naval patrol rescued about 60 people off the coast of France early Saturday morning. Another 50 people were also rescued later in the morning and returned to French territory.

French gendarmerie forces were called on Saturday morning and rescued 47 people off the north coast, with another 29 rescued later that day.

Brimar said in a statement that almost 190 people were rescued in less than 24 hours. A growing number of migrants seeking to enter England are trying to cross the English Channel in wobbly boats after the authorities introduced additional security measures at the port of Calais and in the Channel Tunnel.

Notably, maritime transit is dangerous as the canal is considered one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.

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