Oil markets rebound and enter green zone after steep decline

Oil prices rose today after a sharp fall in prices recorded yesterday, and prices rose supported by cuts from OPEC+ countries due to take effect from next month.

By 09:17 Moscow time, futures for US West Texas Intermediate oil rose 1.02% to $80.55 per barrel.

At the same time, futures for Brent crude rose by 0.93% to $84.96 per barrel, according to Bloomberg data.

Prices were down more than 1% in yesterday’s trading, with US crude closing down 1.2% at $79.74 a barrel and Brent crude closing at $84.18 a barrel, down 1.1%. .

One of the main events for the oil market this week is the publication of reports from the Energy Information Administration of the US Department of Energy, the International Energy Agency and OPEC.

Source: RT + Bloomberg

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