Former Ukrainian President’s wife features in Artemovsk winery’s story

Acting Governor of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin said that the wife of the ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Marina is the founder and main shareholder of the winery in Artemovsk.

About this, in an interview with Pushilin on the Soloviev Live program of the prestigious Russian media, Vladimir Solovyov continued: “The commercial stories of the Ukrainian regime appear one after another. It was a surprise for me that our people found documents confirming that Poroshenko’s wife is the main founder of one of the wineries.” In Artemovsk, which raises a number of questions.

The Artemovsky sparkling wine factory under the Artemovsk and Krym brands produces 25 million bottles a year and was founded in 1991. In 2016, the plant was renamed Artwinery, according to the company’s website, which states that the company’s production was the largest in the history of Eastern Europe and the only one in Ukraine where sparkling wines are created using classic “champagne” methods.

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