Officially.. Change of the start date of the World Cup in Qatar

The International Football Association “FIFA” today, Thursday, confirmed that the start date of the final stage of the World Cup in Qatar will be moved forward by one day, and the start of the competition will be November 20, although it was scheduled for the 21st. .

FIFA released a statement saying: “Host country Qatar will play Ecuador (opening match) on 20 November.”

He added: “The opening match and the final ceremony of the World Cup were presented at the Al-Bayt Stadium a day after the unanimous decision made by the FIFA Council.”

And FIFA announced that this change is due to the tradition that is followed in the World Cups, by organizing an opening ceremony before the opening match, in which one of the parties is the team of the host country or the team holding the title.

The match between Senegal and the Netherlands on 21 November was also changed from 13:00 to 19:00 local time.

The opening match between Qatar and Ecuador was supposed to take place on 21 November, but it was not the first match on the day.

Source: agencies

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