Nyala Western Sudanese Army Command Joins Forces with Rapid Support Forces

The command of the Western Region of the Sudanese Armed Forces announced that it has attached all its soldiers and military equipment to the Rapid Support Forces and opened its headquarters and bases to confront the “remnants of the non-existent regime.”

A command statement said: “Western Command of the armed forces followed the course of events between the army and the Rapid Support Forces, which escalated into bloody clashes that claimed the lives of the best Sudanese youth in fake battles.”

The statement added: “In order to avoid the blood of innocent people and protect the Motherland, the command of the armed forces of the Western Region announces its accession with all its soldiers and military equipment to the Rapid Support Forces and the opening of their headquarters and bases. confront the remnants of a non-existent regime that are preparing to return to power through the gates of the Armed Forces.”

On Saturday morning, April 15, clashes broke out in Khartoum between army forces led by Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces loyal to his former ally Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, as a result of a sudden transformation, the conflict between them escalated into an armed conflict .

Earlier today, on Sunday, the Rapid Support Forces announced their capture of the Palace of the Republic and the escape of military personnel who abandoned their weapons, military equipment and armored vehicles.

And he said through his Twitter account that his members destroyed the armored vehicles of the aggressor forces in Khartoum, attaching a video clip fixing the arson of one of the armored vehicles.

Source: RT

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