German Foreign Minister calls for meeting between Blinken and Chinese counterpart to discuss Taiwan

German Foreign Minister Analina Burbock emphasized the need for an early meeting between US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and his Chinese counterpart Chen Gang amid the current situation around Taiwan.

“In my opinion, it is important that this meeting takes place as soon as possible,” Beerbock said Sunday in an interview with ZDF television, noting that Blinken announced during the latest G20 ministerial meeting that he would meet with his Chinese counterpart, but the downed incident Americans over the Atlantic with a Chinese airship prevented this.

Notably, Minister Beerbock is attending the G7 foreign ministers’ meeting in the tourist city of Karuizawa in Japan, which will last until April 18.

In related context, the British newspaper Financial Times previously cited sources saying that China was refusing to allow Blinken to visit Beijing because of fears that the FBI would release the results of an investigation into what is believed to be a Chinese military reconnaissance balloon. which was shot down by the US in February.

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