Number of firearms held by Kiev citizens disclosed by Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs Chief

Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Igor Klymenko said that about 1.2 million firearms are registered with the population in Ukraine, and after the end of hostilities, this figure could increase to 3 million.

In an interview with Ukrainian BBC News, Klymenko said: “Regarding registered (firearms) weapons: their number in the hands of the population (now) is about 1.2 million units … There is (data) from our European partners that after the war it is quite likely that that the population has up to 3 million (registered) weapons.”

The minister noted that in the first days after the start of the Russian military operation against Kyiv, the Ukrainian authorities distributed a large number of weapons to citizens, and now they are in the possession of members of the regional defense and volunteer formations of regional communities. At the same time, the minister expressed fears that the weapon would fall into the hands of criminals.

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