North Korea Strengthens Nuclear Power in Constitution: A Historic Move

North Korea Bolsters Nuclear Power in Constitution

North Korea laid out a policy to bolster its nuclear power in the constitution during a parliamentary session attended by President Kim Jong Un.

A Historic Decision

In his speech at the session, Kim said: “North Korea’s policy in the field of nuclear energy construction has become a permanent fundamental law of the state, which no one can violate in any way.” This is a historic event that provides powerful political leverage to significantly improve the country’s defense capabilities.

Concerns Over the Tripartite Military Alliance

He added that the creation of what he called a “tripartite military alliance” between the United States, South Korea, and Japan “has finally created an Asian version of NATO, which is the root cause of wars and aggression… It is the worst real threat, not just threatening rhetoric or imaginary entity.”

He continued by stating, “The United States has pursued a public policy aimed at the physical destruction of North Korea,” and added, “It has escalated its threats of nuclear war to the maximum extent possible by resuming large-scale joint nuclear war exercises,” which is clearly aggressive in nature and permanently places its strategic nuclear assets near the Korean Peninsula.”

Strengthening Nuclear Arsenal

Kim also stressed the need to significantly strengthen the country’s nuclear arsenal and diversify its nuclear strike capabilities, as well as deploy them across different branches and units of the armed forces.

Opposition to the United States

Kim also promised to strengthen solidarity with countries that oppose the United States.

Supreme People’s Assembly Decision

The decision was made at the ninth session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly, which was held on Tuesday and Wednesday in the presence of leader Kim, North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency said.

At the session, North Korea unanimously decided to finalize Article 58 of Chapter Four of the Socialist Constitution to guarantee the country’s right to existence and development, curb wars, and protect regional and world peace by accelerating the development of nuclear weapons to a higher level – said Kim.

Continued Nuclear Development

At a meeting of the Supreme People’s Assembly last September, North Korea passed a new nuclear law allowing for the preventive use of nuclear weapons, calling its status as a nuclear weapons state “irreversible.”

Source: Yonhap

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