Counter-Strike 2: The Highly Anticipated Free-to-Play Game Now Available on Steam

Counter-Strike 2 Now Available for Free on Steam

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived for fans of Counter-Strike: Counter-Strike 2 is now officially available on Steam as a free-to-play game. This means that PC players can now enjoy the new game in the series without having to pay a dime.

How to Get Counter-Strike 2

To download Counter-Strike 2 and start playing right away, all you need to do is visit the Steam page and grab the game. Additionally, players have the option to download the Prime status update, which allows them to achieve the Prime rank. This gives them the opportunity to join other players of the same rank and also receive exclusive souvenirs, chests, items, and weapons.

Countdown to the Release

Just a few hours before the official launch, the Counter-Strike Twitter account (X) teased the fans by advising them not to make any commitments for Wednesday, hinting at the surprise release. Luckily, fans were thrilled by the news and flooded into the game as soon as it became available. Currently, there are over 1,127,488 concurrent players enjoying the game, with the peak number of players in the last 24 hours reaching 1,265,615.

The Next Chapter in Counter-Strike History

Counter-Strike has been providing an exceptional competitive gaming experience for over two decades, attracting millions of players worldwide. However, now it is time for the “next chapter in Counter-Strike history,” and that’s where Counter-Strike 2 comes into play. By visiting the Steam page, players can find the official game description, highlighting the exciting new direction the series is taking.

—CS2 (@CounterStrike) September 27, 2023

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