Newspaper: Russia and the European Union agreed on the transfer of goods to Kaliningrad

The Izvestia newspaper, citing high-ranking Russian sources, reported that Russia had agreed with the European Union on the transfer of goods to the Russian province of Kaliningrad, surrounded by the territories of Lithuania and Poland.

“The European Union and Russia have agreed to transfer supplies to the Kaliningrad region. Brussels presented a document that is fully consistent with Moscow,” the source said.

He added that work on the final text had been going on between Brussels and Vilnius for several weeks.

He pointed out that “the document stipulates that restrictions on the movement of goods between the constituent entities of the Russian Federation cannot be introduced. This means the exemption of all goods entering the region from sanctions as an exception.”

He explained that the matter concerns both rail and road transport.

It is noteworthy that Lithuania announced the restriction of the transit of Russian cargo to the Kaliningrad region through its territory from June 18 and stated that it did so in accordance with the European sanctions regime against Russia.

Source: Russian newspaper Izvestia.

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