Arrival of the first Russian freight train to Iran towards India

The Fars news agency reported that today, Tuesday, the first Russian freight train arrived in Iran to send its cargo to India by sea through the Shahid Rajai port in the Persian Gulf.

The first Russian train departed from Chekhov station near Moscow on a route of more than 8,000 km, heading to the east side of the North-South corridor passing through Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to Iran, and thus Bandar Abbas to send cargo including 39 TEU (20 feet), to the Indian port of Nava Sheva.

According to Fares, the Russian train stopped in the city of Sarkas in the north-east of Iran, and then its cargo was reloaded through the Iranian freight train to the port of Shahid Rajai, as according to the modern agreement between Moscow and Tehran, 10 million t. From Russian goods through Iran to other countries along the North-South corridor.

Source: Fares + Interfax

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