Newspaper: Germany will not dare to refuse gas to support Ukraine in order to avoid internal unrest

Spectator magazine reported that German Foreign Minister Annalena Borbock would stop supporting Ukraine in the event of a gas shortage.

The magazine’s author Katja Hoyer said the German foreign minister was “playing into the hands of President Vladimir Putin by going to Canada to ask for the return of Nord Stream gas pipeline turbines to Russia.”

The newspaper pointed out that the German foreign minister had confirmed to reporters that her team was trying to persuade the Canadians to return the turbines to Russia because “otherwise we won’t be able to get Russian gas, which means aiding Ukraine means we could face serious social unrest.”

The author of the article believes that the German government failed to hide the panic over the impending energy crisis, adding that “Germany is still clearly nervous, and it is not clear whether it will have enough gas for the winter.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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