Emirati investor "close to government" He buys the club "Boel Tel Aviv" for football

Jewish media reported that Israeli Minister of Regional Cooperation Issawi Frey and Knesset member Yariv Levin (from Likud) are working to attract an Emirati buyer for the Hapoel Tel Aviv football team.

And according to what sports channel site One reported, Issawi Freij explained that “the Emirati investor will buy the Red Club,” continuing, “There is serious interest from the Emirati buyer… in fact, all the technical and financial details of the purchase of the team are complete.” because there is no international problem to be solved.”

Frey added to the sports channel: “We strongly push for the purchase, this will not happen next season, but in two years, Hapoel Tel Aviv will be the first team owned by an Emirati owner, and the buyer is close to the UAE government and supports this move, and I think it will be completed within this year.”

Frei also said that “Knesset Yariv Levin is also interested in completing this deal.”

Source: “I24”

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