Netherlands train traffic disrupted by Badgers.

Badgers hiding under train tracks have stopped trains in the north and south of the Netherlands, forcing authorities to cancel flights on at least two lines.

On Tuesday afternoon, all trains on the busy line connecting the southern towns of Den Bosch and Boxtel came to a halt after animals burrowed into the ground under the rails.

For its part, the National Railway Company said the line would be shut down for at least a week.

Prorel, which maintains the Dutch rail network, said in a statement that the drilling meant “rails could collapse and therefore train safety can no longer be guaranteed.”

Badgers also undermined a rail earlier this month near the village of Molkverum in the northern province of Friesland, shutting down the line until next month while workers seek permission to move the animals.

It should be noted that badgers are protected in the Netherlands, so rail operators must obtain permission to move them or interfere with their home before repairs can begin.

In this regard, the CEO of Prorail, John Woben, the company that services the Dutch railways, called for speeding up procedures.

He continued: “In the interests of travelers and carriers, more space is needed to be able to act faster. Of course, we are holding urgent consultations with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Resources on this issue.”

Source: “AB”

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