Netflix Reverses Password Sharing Restrictions Following Subscriber Protest

One of the most controversial changes that Netflix has made could not happen. The Streamable reported on Friday that Netflix had changed its plans for how it will stop people from sharing passwords. As of Wednesday, February 1st, this information has been taken down from Netflix’s website. The information explained new rules that would block devices used outside of the home of the primary Netflix user unless they verified their access every month. Nearly all people who signed up for the service didn’t like the idea, and many explained how this new policy wouldn’t work. A Netflix representative said that these new rules only apply in certain countries and that subscribers would be told about any changes before they happen.


Why is Netflix putting an end to sharing passwords?

No one has said exactly what will be done to stop people from sharing passwords, but past reports have said that IP addresses, login locations, and account activity could all be tracked in the future for U.S. subscribers.

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