Netanyahu Accuses Former Army Commander of Deserting during Lebanon War

Former head of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s intelligence unit, Shlomi Reisman, attacked Benjamin Netanyahu after his speech in which he refused to take responsibility for the security escalation.

According to the Hebrew channel Kan, Raisman addressed Netanyahu saying: “In the first Lebanese war, I left the reserve and disappeared. I spent zero days in reserve, so I removed you from the unit.

Netanyahu’s office responded to Reisman by stating, “Shlomi Reisman’s claims are complete lies. He was not Prime Minister Netanyahu’s reserve commander at all, because when Reisman was appointed reserve general, Netanyahu was already serving in the country as Israel’s ambassador. to Washington and Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations.

He added: “Netanyahu dedicated his life to the security of Israel and several times risked his life, even getting injured during the operation to free the Savannah hijackers. As a reservist, Netanyahu returned from his studies in the United States to participate in the Yom Kippur War, and a year later he returned from studying abroad to volunteer for the service. “Reserve”, noting that “a month before the first Lebanese war, Netanyahu was appointed Israel’s envoy to Washington, and on the eve of it In connection with his departure from the political mission, a war broke out Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived at his unit and shortly thereafter went on a special trip to the Shuf mountains above Beirut in preparation for his political mission.”

Source: RT

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