Mortada Mansour Criticizes Zamalek Captain Mahmoud Shikabal for Refusing Training Due to Unpaid Dues

Mortada Mansour Criticizes Zamalek Captain Mahmoud Shikabal

Mortada Mansour, the court-martialed president of Zamalek, lashed out at Mahmoud Shikabal, the captain of the white team, for refusing to attend training because his teammates had not received their dues.

Mansour’s Continued Influence

Despite the decision to isolate him and announce an absence from the scene, Mortada Mansour still manages the affairs of the Zamalek club in light of his close relationship with the current board of directors and his inability to appoint an acting president of the club.

Mansour’s Criticism of Shikabal

Mansoor said in a video he posted on his official Facebook page: “Shikabala has gathered the players and led a campaign of rebellion due to late dues, and this is an insult to the team captain. There is more than one leader after you. Zamalek does not stand on anyone.”

He added: “Shikabala has a lot of talent, he should benefit from it, and if there is a dispute with me, I will notify the coach not to include him (in matches), but I did not, and neither did Shikabala. is a friend of Mamdouh Abbas, the former president of Zamalek, and received £300,000 from him during the period of the appointed commissions.

Confirmation of Coach Osorio’s Continuity

He continued: “(Coach) Osorio will continue with the team next season as normal and all the technical staff is at the highest level.”

Zamalek’s Exit from the Saudi Arabian Championship

And about Zamalek’s 1-1 draw against Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nasr in the third and final round of the group stage of the King Salman Cup Champion Clubs, which saw the Egyptian team drop out of the Saudi Arabian Championship, Mortada Mansour said: “Ronaldo, The Saudi player Al-Nasr, was pleased with the draw with Zamalek and Zamalek, he deserved first place in the group in the Arab Championship, but there was arbitration behind the team’s exit.

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