Paramount+ Announces Global Premiere Dates for Original Films: Expanding Worldwide Entertainment Offerings

Paramount+ Announces Global Premieres for Original Films

There is no need to have your passport ready because Paramount+ has recently revealed the dates for the global premieres of numerous important original films made in other countries. These worldwide first runs have been crucial to Paramount+’s rise to the position of a market leader among streaming services across the globe. This comes after the establishment of Paramount Television International Studios earlier this year and is part of a bigger initiative by Paramount to expand its worldwide entertainment offerings.

Expanding Original Content

In addition to the second season of the Spanish language series Los Enviados, which will arrive on Paramount+ toward the end of this year, other global originals on the way to the streaming service include the British drama The Gold, which will make its debut on September 14 in all international markets; the Korean thriller Bargain, which will make its debut on October 5; and the Spanish originals from other countries. In addition, the British drama Sexy Beast is now available worldwide on Paramount+, along with the Korean series Queen Woo and A Bloody Lucky Day. The latter is scheduled to premiere on Paramount+ exclusively in the following countries: the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Latin America, Brazil, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

Exciting Lineup

Hugh Bonneville, Dominic Cooper, and Jack Lowden are the three main cast members of the miniseries The Gold, which was based on a real-life robbery in 1983 at Heathrow Airport. The plot of Bargain will involve getting a bunch of random people together in a motel room to try to strike a deal with each other while also pursuing their hidden agendas. The second season of Los Enviados focuses on the ongoing investigation of Pedro Salinas and Simón Antequera as they attempt to differentiate genuine miracles from hoaxes. The British television show Sexy Beast, for which a premiere date has not yet been set, recounts the exploits of two people who are best friends and thieves while they live their best lives in East London in the 1990s.

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The voyage of Queen Woo Hee, the first woman in history to become queen twice, will be chronicled in the upcoming Korean television series Queen Woo, the launch date of which has yet to be determined. A taxi driver named Taek, the protagonist of the Korean drama series A Bloody Lucky Day, finds himself in an unfortunate situation when he picks up a passenger who is also a murderer.

Paramount’s Global Scale

President and Chief Executive Officer of Streaming for Paramount, Tom Ryan, commented on the push toward international programming by saying, “…we believe in the power of internationally originated content to drive engagement.” We are aware that there is a big demand for premium, high-quality programming from across the world, and we are ecstatic to harness Paramount’s global scale and expertise to produce a slate of new hits and franchises that have appeal worldwide.

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