Mexican president urges Biden to leave "contempt" Washington for Latin America

Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador called on his American counterpart Joe Biden to end what he called “disrespect” towards Latin America from the United States.

López Obrador told Biden at the start of their talks in Mexico on Monday that “it’s time to put an end to this snub, disdain and contempt for Latin America and the Caribbean.”

In turn, Biden defended Washington’s policy, noting that over the past 15 years alone, the United States has spent “tens of billions of dollars” for the benefit of the region.

“The United States provides more assistance than all other countries combined,” he stressed.

“Unfortunately, our duties do not end in the Western Hemisphere,” he added.

Biden arrived in Mexico to meet with its President and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss immigration, drug trafficking, climate change and trade between the three countries.

Source: AFP.

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