Messi plagued by Whistles yet again during PSG game

Lionel Messi faced the world’s best player 7 times, booing his Paris Saint-Germain team’s fans again at the Parc des Princes before losing 0-1 to Lyon on Sunday.

Before kick-off, Lionel Messi was booed by Paris Saint-Germain fans over the news of his departure from the team at the end of the season and the possibility of his return to Spain’s Barcelona.

A recurring scene similar to what happened after being eliminated against Real Madrid in last year’s Champions League final price when he faced his Brazilian counterpart Neymar with the wrath of the fans, but reports were loud against Lyon.

According to Spain’s Quattro program, Messi responded to the hoots by laughing and then whispering something into the ear of his colleague Kylian Mbappe.

The Spanish program indicated that in Messi’s entire career at Barcelona, ​​he never booed the Catalan fans.

Messi’s contract with PSG expires after the end of the current season and his final decision has yet to be made as many press reports suggest he is about to return to Barcelona again.

Source: “Media”

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