Mayor of Moscow: Sanctions against Russia have not brought results

The mayor of the Russian capital Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, said today, Tuesday, that the war of Western sanctions against Russia has not led to a sharp decline in the economy.

The statement was made during a meeting of the government committee to stabilize the Russian economy in the face of Western sanctions against Russia.

“Today we can already be sure that the sanctions war unleashed against us on all fronts has not led to a sharp decline in the economy and tension in the socio-economic sphere,” the Moscow Mayor said.

Sobyanin also pointed out that the economy of the regions of Russia and macroeconomic indicators show that Russia managed to cope with Western sanctions, that is, bypass them.

After Russia launched a special operation in Ukraine, Western countries imposed sanctions against sectors of the economy, companies and individuals in Russia.

For its part, the Russian government reaffirmed its support for national companies affected by the sanctions and announced a set of measures to maintain financial and economic stability in the country.

Source: RIA Novosti

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