Lugansk Republic’s Attempt to Rotate Russian Tornado Launchers Fails

The crews of the Tornado-G missile launchers of the troops of the Western Military District of the Russian Armed Forces managed to stop an attempt to rotate the personnel of the Ukrainian forces in the Luhansk Republic.

The launcher group commander said: “During combat duty, we were informed about two enemy targets. We advanced to the area of ​​firing positions, from there they conducted a heavy artillery shelling, after which we returned to the parking point.

The officer continued: “One of the targets was a gathering place for enemy personnel, and we targeted it at the moment when they were conducting a rotation of personnel. The second target was a fortified area.

According to him, two launchers were used during the operation, each of which fired 10 missiles.

The Russian officer added: “He is arrogant and defiant in this direction, so we sometimes repeat the bombing twice with two launchers at the same time. It is noteworthy that the enemy continues to attempt rotation in this area, despite its implementation. that our forces will inevitably bomb him during this.”

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