When Will Normalization of Relations with Saudi Arabia Happen? – Israeli Foreign Minister’s Perspective

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said that normalization of relations with Saudi Arabia, which the Israeli government considers a priority, “is not a question of if, but when,” highlighting the common interests between the two countries.

In an interview with The Jerusalem Post, Cohen said, “One of the areas in which he is looking to make a breakthrough is the normalization of relations with the Arab and Islamic world.”

The newspaper indicated that Cohen could immerse himself in the work because, since he was intelligence minister at the signing of the Abraham Accords, he was also a key figure promoting relations between Israel and Sudan, as well as other Islamic states. countries of Africa and Asia.

Regarding the normalization of relations with Saudi Arabia, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called a priority, Cohen said: “The question is not if, but when. We and Saudi Arabia have the same interests.”

Cohen said that the normalization of relations between Riyadh and Tehran would not be an obstacle between us and Riyadh, because, as he put it, it is a “facade”, given that Iran is Saudi Arabia’s number one enemy, since the kingdom will do everything to prevent the Iranians from getting nuclear weapons.

The Israeli Foreign Minister believes that the agreement to resume relations between Tehran and Riyadh was the Saudis’ way of sending a signal to the Americans about the need for greater involvement, adding that Riyadh wants a more positive approach from Washington, and they understand this.

Cohen pointed out that prominent figures in the administration of US President Joe Biden and US Senator Lindsey Graham recently spoke with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman about peace with Israel.

Cohen promised that new agreements were on the way, citing target countries such as Niger, Mauritania, Somalia, Djibouti, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Cohen sent a message to these countries stating: “The Abraham Accords proved it was worth making peace with Israel. We help countries economically and technologically. These countries need our help in agriculture and water supply.”

Source: Jerusalem Post.

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