Lithuanian President urges Western countries to follow his country’s policy towards Russia

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausida considered that his country’s policy towards Russia was more fruitful than the so-called realistic line of a number of Western countries, and urged them to follow Lithuania’s example.

“It is clear that the policy of Lithuania, without any illusions regarding Russia, turned out to be much more correct than the so-called realpolitik, which is now giving some Western countries a headache,” he said.

According to him, he understands the situation of these Western countries.

“But this once again confirms that Lithuania has taken the right path, and the sooner other countries of Western Europe follow it, the better and easier it will be for everyone,” he said.

He noted that Lithuania not only declared, but also severed all ties with Russia on energy resources.

He continued: “We refused to buy gas, oil and electricity. Thus, Lithuania has become more resistant to the extortion of Russian energy and economy.”

Source: TASS

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