Libya bears the brunt of Tunisia’s tough policies

The Tunisian national team beat their Libyan guest (3:0) in a match that brought them together on Friday evening in the fourth round of the African Cup of Nations qualifying group stage.

The Carthaginian Eagles trio had the signatures of each of the players, Youssef Al-Masakni, Ali Maaloul and Haytham Al-Juveni, on the scoresheets (12, 21 from penalties, 86), respectively, at Hammadi Al-Akrabi Stadium.

The Tunisian national team won the second victory with one defeat and leads the standings of Group X with 7 points, ahead of the national team of Equatorial Guinea by one point, which, in turn, defeated the visiting team of Botswana with two unanswered goals.

While the Libyan national team suffered a second defeat in exchange for one victory and their score stopped at three points, they are in third place, two points behind Botswana.

Source: RT

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